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Vinyl from Classic Carpet & Flooring

Vinyl flooring offers a wide spectrum of style and color and is more forgiving underfoot than other hard surfaces. You won't have to worry about pets or toys on these floors. Our vinyl flooring is more wear and stain resistant than ever before, and it's easy to clean.

At Classic Carpet & Flooring we carry vinyl products that capture the look and feel of objects found in the natural world, all with the stress-free maintenance of vinyl. We carry a wide variety of modular stone and wood designs to suit any interior space. And when you come into our store, you'll discover that our vinyl flooring options have depth and texture with various levels of gloss, so you can choose from a range of looks to suit your needs and style.

Plus, we offer the newest fiberglass backed vinyl flooring, which provides more warmth and comfort than traditionally felt backing. This means that not only do you get the authentic flooring look that you're searching for, you also get comfort and reliability.

We love vinyl flooring for its durability, low-maintenance, and easy on the budget functionality. It's perfect for hardworking rooms such as your kitchen, bath, entryway, and playrooms, while also being luxurious enough that it fits in any area of your home.

Let our team of flooring experts help you pick out the right vinyl flooring for you. Call (330) 630-2722 or stop on by our store today!


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