Summer is here and the clock is ticking

Summer is here and the clock is ticking

Well, with America coming out of the Covid19 lockdowns and summer being upon us, the holiday season is not far behind.Soon it will be time for families to get together and overeat. Watch football, exchange gifts and you realize you can’t put off that purchase of new flooring any longer. After a year of lock downs and pacing your floors, you have worn out that old floor.Your family that you haven’t seen in years is coming town and you’re entering freak out mode. That old nasty carpet you should have changed out during the Bush administration just cannot be tolerated another day. Now with your mother in law and aunt Betty coming to town you’re going into nesting overdrive. OMG what to do first?!

The first thing to do is not wait until the last minute. If you’re thinking you can get a good quality product and installation quickly you might have to wait a little longer than normal.This is the busiest time of year for Classic Carpet & Flooring as everyone has family coming to town. Everyone is trying to make a good impression with their in laws and put their best foot forward. Not to mention the supply chain disruptions that have hit our economy in general has not spared your local flooring store.

Start looking now! If you’re reading this you’re on the right track. Check out all the selections here at and have an idea what you’re looking for before you visit our store, this will give you a nice head start. So if you start now and do as much preparation possible before you go shopping, you can squeeze that project in on time. Here is a list of a few things to think about before you shop.

  1. What is my budget (how much can I afford to spend)?
  2. What areas of my home are priorities?
  3. What are my colors? Will you be painting too? If so bring in some color swatches to help with your choices.
  4. Time off work, you will most likely need to take some days off work while the project is being done. New flooring can take from one day to three weeks depending on the scope of work.
  5. Think about preparation to save on cost. Can you move your own furniture? Can you remove and dispose of your old flooring? Doing these will save time and money.
  6. What will I do with my five dogs and six cats?
  7. Expect the unexpected. There is always chance that some hidden condition may exist under that old carpet that cannot be seen until the day the project starts. Damaged sub floor, uneven dips and humps that carpet and pad will hide from view until removed. Often repair of these conditions must be done before the new floor is installed and this will require extra cost.Classic Carpet & Flooring will go over this in detail if necessary, explain how the condition found could impact your installation, and what is needed to correct any unseen issue.

Ok so what’s next? Get going the clock is ticking you still have time but time is getting short. This is the best time of year, time for family and friends. Don’t let the enormity of it all stress you out. You have help out there; visit us at Classic Carpet & Flooring 186 East Ave. Tallmadge Ohio 44278. Let us walk you through the process, it’s not too late to make a great first impression! Hurry the clock is ticking....

Ron Call